WWAC 2018 is now over

Thank you to everyone who came to the Washington DC area (Bethesda, Maryland, USA) for our 2018 Symposium.  We all had a great time!


What attendees are saying...

I have had the pleasure of attending the last three WWAC Symposiums and plan to attend again. I would encourage anyone in the water and waste water industry to attend…it is time well spent!

– Daniel Machado, Technology Support Group Manager, Cobb County, Georgia

I want to thank you and all of your volunteers for the great training session and very informative symposium. Cyber Security information and training is paramount to secure and safe water delivery in the US and the world.  The plant  tour was very informative and the hosts were very personable to us all.

The symposium had a wide variety of topics for control system design and operational considerations. The speakers were very diverse and shared a wealth of information with us all.

Thank you again for heading up a great team of dedicated ISA/AWWA  Water/Wastewater volunteer professionals. My hat is off to you.

– Jeff Blue, CAP - Southern Nevada Water System

I would like to encourage anyone who has the chance to attend the next symposium – whether as an attendee or a presenter – and get a fresh perspective on the issues you face every day.  Maybe even share your experience with others. You’ll be glad you did.

– Matt Phillips (participant from Canada)

I found the WWAC Symposium…to be extremely informative and useful. As a water/wastewater instrumentation and controls engineer based in the Northeast, I appreciated the insight of others working in the same field from around the country, as the industry in my area can sometimes feel very insulated. The opportunity to share thoughts and ideas with those individuals, and attend presentations about topics that I tackle on a daily basis was priceless. The different perspectives and methods to solving problems provided me inspiration to approach projects from a different direction and will directly benefit my clients in both the short- and long-term

– Jon Grant, Senior I&C Engineer, Woodard Curran

In the 2011 WWAC Symposium…we learnt the importance in developing SCADA standards where to describe all the needs of our user groups, the final clients expectations and the organizational goals.  We have started to implement our own SCADA Standards, nowadays we are in the position to clearly  define what we want.

– Giancarlo Osorio Osorio (participant from Mexico)

All of the WWAC Symposia I have attended have always been very informative and excellent networking opportunities.  Plant managers, technicians and engineers have received an abundance of information regarding state-of-the-art I&C technology directly related to timely Water &Wastewater applications. The presentations have been awesome.  I’m looking forwarding to this year’s symposium.

– Michael Fedenyszen

The Alarm Management Course offered at the 2011 WWAC Symposium has provided us with important information to setup an Alarm Philosophy for both the Water and Wastewater SCADA Systems. This will provide a template for future work by System Integrators that will have to be followed and provide consistent information for the operators. It was one of the best courses that I have taken in awhile.  I’m looking forward to the full-day Automation/SCADA Security short course  they will be offering along with this year’s upcoming WWAC Symposium!

– Bob Dusza, Project & Technical Support Manager, Manchester Water & Sewer

The 2011 ISA WWAC symposium was my first and I found it very enjoyable and useful. It covered topics directly related to current water/wastewater issues such as commissioning and SCADA. The get-togethers at lunch and afterwards allowed me to meet people in my industry and discuss common issues with my industry peers.  One of the great benefits is that it provides a venue to share experiences and advice that is relevant to our water/wastewater sector.  I am looking forward to attending the WWAC symposium again.

– Wally Ingham, Stantec

Congratulations on this successful summit [2012 WWAC Symposium]. You did an outstanding job organizing this, sticking to the schedule and keeping us informed. I learned a lot, met some great people (including colleagues at CDM Smith) and was very impressed by your leadership. Not to mention Graham’s sense of humor. Superb!

– Michael Waddell - Principal, Application Development Practice Leader, CDM Smith

You and the other members of the symposium team did a masterful job. I am looking forward to next year when I hope to bring other members of the staff, here at the North Broward Regional Wastewater Plant. I came away from that three day event “loaded for bear” in terms of how I want to influence my organization with our many upcoming projects. I sincerely thank you for the opportunity afforded me during that awesome event.

– Tom McGovern, Water & Wastewater Services, Broward County, FL

Thank you  for a great Symposium, I will certainly recommend an ongoing attendance for the staff in my group of Electrical and I & Engineers in the future as this was a great learning experience for all and a chance to show other industry experts what we and our company is doing in the Water and Wastewater field and a great opportunity to meet and talk with other professionals in the industry.

– David R. Wilcoxson, PE - Vice President, MWH Americas

The 2012 ISA Water/Wastewater and Automatic Controls Symposium was the best conference I’ve ever been to!

– Paul J. McGuire, P.E. - Senior Project Engineer, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District